20+ Hairstyles That G-Dragon Has Wowed Us With Since BIGBANG’s Debut

Some of them were pretty unusual, but he always pulled them off

G-Dragon has been in the K-Pop industry for a long time, ever since BIGBANG debuted in 2006. He’s long been known for being a trendsetter, especially when it comes to fashion, and is incredibly artistic in mediums beyond music alone. Throughout his long career, he’s had dozens of different hairstyles in a variety of colors, oftentimes breaking outside the norm and creating his own styles that then inspire other idols to follow suit. Here are 20+ different types of hairstyles that G-Dragon has flawlessly pulled off since BIGBANG’s debut.

1. The simple cap he wore for their debut “We Belong Together”

2. The messy, slightly spiky look that was all the rage in the day for “La La La”

3. The… hip-hop style swag all the members had for “Dirty Cash”

4. When he rocked a man bun before it was popular for “Lies”

5. When he was styled with a headband and beanie for the heartbreaking “Haru Haru”


6. When he went blond the first time for “Heartbreaker”, “Butterfly”, and “Tonight”

7. When he switched to more of an ashy brown for “Love Song”

8. His iconic long multi-colored locks for “Bad Boy” and “Fantastic Baby”

9. The hip-hop inspired blond looks he had in “One of a Kind”

10. The poised light brown styles he had for “That XX”

11. The boyish white-blond and pastel styles he played with in “Crayon”

12. His vibrant red looks he had for “Monster”

13. The dramatic brown curls he wore for “MichiGO”

14. His unique “skunk”-colored hair in “Coup d’Etat”

15. The punkish white-blond styles he had for “Crooked”

16. His interesting glowing bead look in “Good Boy”

17. The sleek “noose” style he wore for “Loser”

18. The return of fire engine-red hair for “Bang Bang Bang”

19. The bright orange style he had for “Sober” and “Zutter”

20. When the orange became more pastel for “Let’s Not Fall in Love”

21. The unique lime green color he had for “Fxxk It”

22. When he rocked a mullet for “Last Dance”