20 Of The Most Heart Shattering K-Pop Breakup Songs To Help You Cry It All Out

These will hit you right in the feels.

Had a bad breakup and need to let it all out? Or just having a bad day and want to listen to some sad songs to give you all the feels? Then take a listen to these K-Pop breakup songs. They’re guaranteed to help you let it all out when you’re feeling down!


1. Red Velvet — “One Of These Nights”

You might be more used to Red Velvet‘s more upbeat songs but “One Of These Nights” is one of their most beautiful slow songs. It’s a song about saying goodbye and the girls’ voices portray every feeling behind the moment. If you’re looking for something that will both totally get what you’re feeling and at the same time sooth your heart, then give this song a listen.


2. 2NE1 — “GOODBYE”

2NE1 didn’t just make songs to make you feel like a total badass, they also have a few songs that will hit you right in the feels. “GOODBYE” is one of the best songs for this. And like the name suggests, it’s all about saying goodbye and how it truly makes you feel.


3. Amber ft. Gen Neo — “On My Own”

Amber‘s sweet vocals mixed with Gen Neo‘s equally soulful voice already make this a beautiful song but the lyrics are gorgeous as well. Plus this song may hit you even harder as it’s completely in English.


4. Onew and Rocoberry — “Lullaby”

Although this song may not be a song about a breakup, the sad melody and hauntingly beautiful harmonization of Rocoberry and Onew will definitely touch your heart. And with lyrics like “Sleep well tonight, my dear. You did such a good job today even though you were alone, even though you were lonely I am right here” you’ll continue to feel this song for a long time.


5. Urban Zakapa — “I Don’t Love You”

Urban Zakapa has a few songs that will bring tears to your eyes but “I Don’t Love You” is one of their best. Not only is the song itself incredibly emotional but it’s heartbreaking music video pairs perfectly with it.


6. Jonghyun — “End Of A Day”

Jonghyun always knew exactly how to portray the different emotions that each and every one of us feels. If you want to let it all out give “End Of A Day” a listen and be moved by Jonghyun’s absolutely beautiful and soothing voice.


7. Taeyeon — “Fine”

There’s just something about Taeyeon‘s vocals paired with an acoustic guitar that will just blow you away. It’s a truly beautiful song that is good for a good cry sesh or really any time.


8. G-Dragon — “Untitled 2014”

“Untitled 2014” takes a look at one side of the end of a relationship. With lyrics like “Even on the day I left you. I made you cry with cruel words, but I regretted it as soon as I turned around” and “If I could see you again, I don’t care if I lose my everything” it’s a truly remarkable and touching song. Plus G-Dragon‘s voice paired with the piano create an absolutely gorgeous and unique sound that will blow you away.


9. Brown Eyed Girls — “Wave”

Taking a look at how you feel right before a breakup, “Wave” encompasses every single thought that runs through your head before you decide to part ways. A little bit more upbeat than some of the other songs on this list, “Wave” will still speak directly to your heart.


10. Girl’s Day — “I Miss You”

Girl’s Day talk about the face that many of us put on trying to appear strong even when our hearts are breaking. Their lyrics, including “I want to cry. I try to smile, to hold it in,” will really speak to you.


11. LYn — “Miss You… Crying”

A true ballad talking about trying to get back to your normal way of life after a heartbreak, “Miss You… Crying” never fails to touch your heart.


12. DAY6 — “Congratulations”

“Congratulations” is for everyone who has a broken heart and who has an ex that has moved on. The song covers a wide array of emotions like hurt and anger while saying all the things that we wish we could say out loud to the people who have hurt us.


13. Rain — “How To Avoid The Sun”

The song is all about trying to forget a love we had to let go and about how hard it truly is. Rain‘s soulful vocals really express the hardship and will give you all the feels.


14. THE BOYZ —  “Walkin’ In Time”

Memories are a tricky thing, even when they hurt us we can’t forget them. THE BOYZ cover how all the people in our lives we have had to say goodbye to still leave us with their memories.


15. NCT U — “Timeless”

I still love you, but in the end, I couldn’t say it. I shouldn’t let you go.NCT U won’t just make you feel like a total boss, they’ll also stomp on your heart with their haunting song “Timeless”.


16. Super Junior — “Evanesce”

In a music video that starts where “This Is Love” ends, “Evansce” questions why sometimes love just seems to end. This song isn’t just pure sadness, the bass line does pick up the pace of the song a bit, but the feelings behind the song are all expressed through Super Junior‘s vocals.


17. Jung Seung Hwan — “The Fool”

If you need something that will definitely make you cry give “The Fool” a listen to. Even without the lyrics, Jung Seung Hwan‘s vocals will already bring tears to your eyes. Then when you go back and read the lyrics, your heart will shatter into a million pieces. The song is truly a touching masterpiece.


18. SHINee — “Tell Me What To Do”

SHINee explore what happens before a breakup and how we don’t really want to part but we don’t know how to change it. Their voices shine in this song just like all their others, but “Tell Me What To Do” delivers a punch of feelings. It’s an all-around beautiful song.


19. 100% — “Better Day”

We may want to go back to those that broke our hearts even if we know it will continue to hurt us, and “Better Day” expresses all those feelings perfectly.


20. AOA — “Still Falls The Rain”

AOA‘s voices blend perfectly with the story they are telling in “Still Falls The Rain”. It’s a really wonderful song that has a bit of an uplifting beat to complement the girls’ voices.


Bonus: Drug Restaurant — “Mistake”

Not every song that can touch your heart needs to have a sad melody. The rock style of “Mistake” will allow you to play this song even when you aren’t feeling down, but the lyrics definitely will speak to you if you need to let it all out.