20 Of The Most Hilarious & Impressive “Part Switch Ver.” K-Pop Dance Practices

How do they keep from all running into each other?

K-Pop dance practices are fun and entertaining enough to watch on their own, but oftentimes groups make different kinds of dance practices, like “girlfriend/boyfriend version” or “moving version” or, some of the most chaotic and hilarious, “Halloween version”. One other type that is pretty common is “part switch version”, where members in the group switch the parts of the songs that they are in the center, and the results are usually pretty hilarious, but sometimes also impressive with how well they work out! Here are 20 of the funniest and most entertaining part switch dance practices and performances.

1. SEVENTEEN: “Oh My!”

2. GOT7: “You Calling My Name”

3. ITZY: “ICY”

4. GOT7: “Eclipse”

5. SEVENTEEN: “Don’t Wanna Cry”

6. Stray Kids: “Mirror”

7. GOT7: “Look”

8. SEVENTEEN: “Mansae”

9. TWICE: “Likey”

10. SEVENTEEN: “Adore U”


12. SEVENTEEN: “Pretty U”

13. SF9: “Good Guy”

14. MONSTA X: “Shoot Out”

15. KARD: “Dumb Litty”

16. A.C.E.: “Under Cover”

17. MONSTA X: “Fighter”

18. Apink: “Mr. Chu”

19. TWICE: “Like OOH AHH”/”Cheer Up”

20. GOT7: “Just Right”