These 20+ Hilarious TXT Moments May Seem Like Fake Subs, But They’re 100% Real

Believe it or not, they really said these things.

Of all the things the TXT members have said, these 20 moments have to be some of the most unbelievable.

1. Tesla & Edison couldn’t do it

2. A case against dieting

3. Paying Yeonjun compliments… kinda

4. Food > Yeonjun

5. The clue is in the name

6. This one’s way too relatable

7. Who’s the fairest of them all?

8. Did he just call MOA furries?

9. Show this one to your teacher

10. Have you been to hell before?

11. Desperate times call for desperate measures

12. Interesting game strategy

13. Hey, it’s a living

14. The way they express their love is beautiful

15. Not sure that’s possible…

16. Beomgyu, watch out!

17. He’ll always be MOAs’ baby

18. It all ends up brown in the end

19. He’s a growing boy

20. Poor Rudolph the reindeer

21. Um…