20+ Hilariously Relatable Fan Reactions To BTS Suga’s World Tour Announcement

SUGA is coming to a city near you!

On February 15, KST, BIGHIT Music shared a simple image announcing that BTS‘s Suga (also known as Agust D) would embark on a solo world tour.

BTS’s Suga

The tour so far consists of 20 concerts in five countries, including the United States, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and Korea, with Japan dates “to be updated.


Fans understandably went wild with the announcement leading to some pretty hilarious tweets. Here are 20+ reactions to the announcement!

1. Suga’s Own Reaction

He went live at the same time as the announcement!

2. Please remember to breathe.

3. Oh, they’re right…


4. No saving money here!

We really thought!

5. How did you get this tour footage in advance?

6. Absolutely diabolical!

Thank you.

7. Screaming, crying…

…throwing up, punching the air…

8. Anything for Suga!

Time for a vacation.


Well, do you?

10. These arenas will look so good in purple!

So many people will be able to see him!

11. Like magic…

Suga AND Agust D songs on stage…

12. We understand your feelings!

But don’t hurt yourself!

13. 2023 is Suga’s year.

14. Danger.mp3

15. Happy 1000 days to D-2.

Big brain energy

16. Hopefully, Latin American tour dates are next.

17. If only you knew…

18. He truly just dropped it on us like that!

19. Bottoms Up

More tour dates, please!

20. Imagine seeing this live.

21. Now imagine fans reacting to seeing it live.

22. You’ve been warned!

Hopefully, fans worldwide will be able to watch!

23. BOOM!

24. Will there be any surprise guests?

25. A whole venue filled with this.

So many proposals.

26. It’s been an eventful month for ARMYs!