20 Hysterical Idol Cooking Moments That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Introducing the idol chef specials.

Cooking is a lot of hard work but generally ends in a tasty treat. We all have to cook, even idols. Some love to do it, others not so much but they all put in their hard work to create some of the most memorable cooking moments around!


1. HIGHLIGHT’s lunchtime menu

The members were each tasked with making a different kind of food.


And although there were some problems along the way…


They were eventually able to make these tasty morsels!


2. GOT7’s happy cake

GOT7 certainly had fun decorating their cake.


So much so that JB kept forgetting to go up to the mic and sing his parts.


But when they were done they had this beautiful cake!


3. SEVENTEEN’s water adventure

The boys seemed a little bit too excited about adding water to the pot. At least they were having lots of fun!


4. TWICE Momo and Dahyun’s cooking experience

Dahyun was cutting onions like a champ…


While Momo was definitely on the struggle bus while trying to fry her egg!


5. BTS RM’s onion disaster

Is everybody sure that the god of destruction should be trusted with cutting the onions?


Even Jin was too concerned and had to step in and make sure he was doing it safely.


6. MONSTA X Kihyun’s salty side

Nothing says fancy chef like a little salt bae.


Kihyun was being ridiculously trendy until he had a little accident and his hand cramped up!


7. MONSTA X Minhyuk’s leafy lettuce

Not to be outdone by his fellow member, Minhyuk decided to spice salt bae up a little bit with some lettuce!


8. Red Velvet Joy’s lobster problem

A nice cooked lobster for dinner? Only if Joy works up the courage to put it in the boiling water!


9. Red Velvet Yeri and Wendy’s cozy kitchen

Sometimes teamwork in the kitchen is great but not in Wendy and Yeri’s case when they couldn’t help but poke fun at each other.


10. THE BOYZ’ knife knack

Never mess with anybody carefully chopping their food!


11. GOT7’s meal and muscle show

How cool was it when HaHa, Mark, and Jinyoung cooked together? And of course, put on a muscle show too!


12. SEVENTEEN’s almost ruined ramen

The boys seemed at a loss when their pot started smoking. A quick fix and their ramen was saved!


13. BTOB Eunkwang and Sungjae’s delicious dinner

Spending a little time together in the kitchen is always a good idea. It looks like Eunkwang and Sungjae definitely like it and had a good laugh together!


14. BLACKPINK Jennie’s pancake pandemonium

Jennie was having a little bit of trouble while making a pancake. But she used a little bit of quick thinking to save her delectable delicacy from complete ruin.


15. B1A4 Sandeul’s cream cheese controversy

Sandeul only wanted a certain amount of cream cheese in his food, only the cream cheese had other ideas!


16. EXO Suho’s egg surprise

Suho seemed a little stressed about his egg dish. It may not have gone quite how he imagined but it was probably still tasty.


17. TWICE’s hotcake helper

We’re not so sure that you can substitute sugar for butter…


18. Block B’s kimbap camp

Just a normal day with Block B and their fishy friend.


But there kimbap looked absolutely delicious at the end!


19. NCT’s helpful assistants

A little help is always welcome in the kitchen…


20. BIGBANG Daesung’s rice

Measuring the right amount of water for your rice is key but Daesung was having a bit of a hard time fitting his hand in the pot to double check his water!