20 Idols Who Had Their “Epic-Fail” Moments Caught On Camera

Need cheering up? These unfortunate idols will definitely lift your mood.

K-Pop stars may seem like they’re living in a fantasy world of perpetual sunshine and butterflies but, in reality, they are mortals who experience just as many fails as we do. In fact, some of their “fails” will make you feel much better about your own.

1. BLACKPINK’s Jennie forgets her lyrics

Jennie is known for her sassy, rapid-fire rapping, but even this pretty rap star makes mistakes! When she fumbled her lyrics, she gave a cute little shout then carried on like a pro.

2. BTS’s Jin gets hit where it hurts… a lot.

Jin was minding his own business during this air hockey match, but that didn’t stop him from taking a shot to the crotch.

3. Jimin wishes this picture was never taken

If there’s one picture Jimin wants erased from the internet, it’s probably this one. A camera captured her at the worst possible moment and now that moment will live on forever.

4. NCT’s Ten shrieks… really loudly

Ten got the fright of his life during this ghost prank and, to make matters worse, his girlish scream was captured on video and shared all of the internet. It’s a good thing he has a sense of humour!

5. TWICE’s Sana is just the queen of clumsiness

Every day is an accident waiting to happen for this klutzy queen.

Sana is one of the clumsiest idols in K-Pop, but her lack of coordination makes fans feel much better about their own.

6. Park Jihoon takes a ball to the…

Male fans can definitely relate to this painful Park Jihoon moment. His day would have been much better if this hadn’t happened!

7. Apink’s Naeun is coming for Sana’s crown

Like Sana, Naeun is almost too clumsy to function. One of her crowning klutzy moment was when she dropped this award while on stage.

She has also fallen down stairs… in front of the paparazzi.

8. Infinite’s Sungjong isn’t the only male idol getting hit in places

When Lee Sungjong tried to avoid hitting his face during this ball game…

…he hit something else instead. Ouch!

9. Bora faceplants mid-performance

Bora had wiped out a lot over the years, but this time was particularly brutal.

10. SHINee’s Onew has some slippery hands

If Sana is the Klutz Queen, then Onew is the king! This butterfingered idol once fumbled his mic so badly that he fell over while trying to catch it. Years later, this clip is still cracking up his fans!

11. IU slips on some invisible ice

IU is usually elegant and poised in high heel, but this blunder illustrated the difference between “expectation” and “reality”.

12. Jessica Jung’s legendary first pitch

Everybody had made an athletic blunder in their life time… but has it happened in a baseball stadium in front of a live audience?

13. BTS’s V’s bright red glasses

One time V accidentally uploaded this selfie of himself wearing a glasses filter. Embarrassed, he immediately deleted and denied it, but fans had already saved and shared it all over the web.

14. GFRIEND’s SinB gets kicked where it hurts

SinB proved that crotch shots aren’t just for boys when Yuju accidentally kicked her with a rollerskate!

15. Former DIA member Eunjin’s serious wardrobe malfunction

Eunjin experienced an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction when her strapless bra slid right down to her stomach during a live stage in Yeonchon. Most of us probably would have died of embarrassment in her place, but Eunjin carried on like the professional she is.

16. CL’s grand entrance

CL arrived at the wedding of BIGBANG‘s Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin in style, but as she climbed the stairs to the wedding hall’s entrance she tripped over her glamorous, green coat! She laughed off the incident, and even posted this image on Instagram!

17. Red Velvet’s Irene… you need a mic!

Irene accidentally began a performance without a mic in her hand. She sought help from her members and staff by mouthing her distress. It took her nearly 2 minutes for her to finally get a mic!

18. GOT7’s Mark fails to land his martial arts trick

Martial arts tricking is no easy feat. Even pros like Mark wipe out sometimes! Unfortunately, when it happens it happens to be in front of thousands of people.

19. MONSTA X’s I.M gets attacked by raccoons

I.M was one mobbed by raccoons at the zoo. Not only did those pesky trash panda nip him…

…they also stole his script!

When he tried to get it back, they attacked him again!

20. BTS’s J-Hope faces his fear

Speaking wildlife, who can forget the infamous “snakeu”? J-Hope named this close encounter as one of the worst experiences of his life. Nothing beats being forced to face your worst fears… on camera!