20+ Idols Who Refuse To Receive Gifts From Fans

1. EXO’s Xiumin, D.O., Chen, and Lay

Xiumin recently announced on EXO-L’s homepage that he would not accept fan gifts anymore and would only accept their love. D.O., Chen, and Lay have all previously posted the same message before, with Lay hoping his fans can do kind acts for others instead.

2. IU

On her 20th birthday, IU wrote a letter to all of her fans thanking them for the birthday presents they sent her, but also expressed her disappointment at how expensive some of them were. Because of the price, she refuses all expensive gifts.

3. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and Taeyang

G-Dragon wrote a letter to his fans before his 23rd birthday saying he will reject presents from VIPs and, instead, asked them to just send him their love. Taeyang, for his 25th birthday, mentioned the exact same thing—the fans’ love is enough.

4. BTS

BTS has recently decided not to accept any more fan gifts, and instead only accept letters. They are allowing pre-approved fan events to continue as planned but, once those are completed, no more fan gifts will be allowed.

5. All JYP Entertainment Artists

JYP Entertainment artists such as TWICE and GOT7 are not allowed to receive gifts from fans anymore, only donation certificates, letters, and snacks.

6. SHINee’s Taemin

For his 20th birthday, Taemin wrote a message on SHINee’s homepage thanking them for their support and birthday wishes. He also wished for his fans to spread their love and give gifts to people and organizations who need them more than he does.


Since their debut back in 2012, VIXX has not accepted gifts from fans. They wish for their fans, who worked hard saving money, to use that money on charitable organizations.

8. NCT U

SM Entertainment announced during the group’s debut that they would not be accepting any fan support or birthday gifts for the NCT U members.

Source: 1boon