Here are 20 Stunning Looks That Show Off IU’s Preppy Chic Style

She looks good in everything!

Without a doubt, IU looks amazing in everything she wears; however, many can argue that she is the queen of rocking the preppy and chic look! Whether she’s in front of the cameras or not, IU always looks amazing!

Here are 20 looks that show IU’s stunning preppy looks

1. IU’s matching skirt and cropped jacket!

IU’s had the complete preppy look at the 2021 Golden Disc Awards! From her matching blue jacket and skirt to her headband, IU was absolutely stunning!

| @dlwlrma/Instagram

2. Nothing expresses the preppy style more than plaid!

This look is simply gorgeous. The outfit is both cozy and stylish!

3. Collared shirt and Sleeveless vest

Imagine IU walking down a school hallway in this cute outfit!

4. Preppy even on the red carpet!

We love some crew socks with heels!

5. Loving her beret?! Me too!

Her navy blue mini skirt perfectly matches her chic blazer and preppy beret!

6. IU Tweed Blazer

Though she’s fierce in red she still manages to be adorable in her tweed blazer!

7. She’s ready to get perfect grades

IU looks like the top student with the best grades in school!

8. IU “You & I”

IU’s “You & I” era was cute, soft, and gorgeous. From her white stocking to her cute pigtails, IU ruled the preppy look!

9. IU is always absolutely fierce!

IU totally gives off chic vibes with this all-black outfit!

10. IU looks like she could run a whole school in this look!

Principal IU making sure everything is in order.

11. She’s too cute!

It’s safe to say that IU is one of the cutest idols out there! Her oversized sweater and cute heels are just perfect.

12. Simply chic and preppy!

Her collared shirt under her oversized white sweater adds a pop of color to her black jeans and boots.

13. She can accessorize!

Her earrings and hair clip adds that extra elegance to the outfit!

| @_IUofficial/Twitter

14. The perfect outfit

IU always has the cutest matching two-piece outfits!

| @_IUofficial/Twitter

15. Simply Stunning

IU’s coat dress with high knee socks is both simple, yet stunning.

16. The tie!

Are you loving the tie as much as I am? So sophisticated!

| DAZED Korea

17. IU’s preppy cardigan

Cardigans always seem to add a sort of preppy vibe to an outfit.

| @dlwlrma/Instagram

18. Shining bright with her white blazer

IU is just glowing and captivating hearts in that neat blazer.

19. Now this is preppy!

she looks so good in everything!

| 1theK (원더케이)/YouTube

20. IU as Jang Man Wol

“Hotel Del Luna’s” Jang Man Wol might be the most fashionable K-Drama character! All her looks were iconic and chic!