20 Korean Movies To Watch On Date Night

Looking for a date night movie? Romance, comedy, action – Koreaboo has you covered!

1. The Thieves 

What’s more romantic than having a partner in love who is also a partner in crime? This popular action-comedy is about a cat burglar and his gang who are hired to steal a $20 million diamond from a Chinese gangster’s mistress. Its ensemble cast stars Kim Yoon Seok, Lee Jung JaeKim Hye Soo, and Jun Ji Hyun.


2. Life Risking Romance

This 2016 Korean-Chinese film stars Ha Ji Won, Chun Jung Myung, and Chen Bolin and is perfect for the couple who loves a good murder mystery. In it, a mystery writer pursues a serial killer with the help of a detective who also happens to be an old friend. Things get complicated when the two come across Jason, a sexy and mysterious man with powerful deductive skills.


3. The Beauty Inside

This romantic film shows that love knows no age, gender, or nationality. Han Hyo Joo plays a furniture saleswoman who falls for a man, played by Kim Dae Myung, who wakes up in a different body every day. It’s a remake of the American 2012 film of the same name.


4. Tazza 2: The Hidden Card

Not a fan of rom-coms? Tazza 2 has you covered. This high-stakes gambling movie is a sequel to the 2006 movie Tazza: The High Rollers and, like the first film, is based off a manhwa. BIGBANG‘s T.O.P stars as Ham Dae Gil, a man who is set up as the fall guy in a crooked deal. To get revenge, he becomes a player in a high-stakes game where losing can be fatal.


5. You’re My Pet

This hilarious romantic comedy film is based on the manga Tramps Like Us. Jang Geun Suk plays a homeless dancer who agrees to be the pet of a no-nonsense fashion editor played by Kim Ha Neul.


6. The Pirates

After you’ve taken your first-mate out to dinner, climb aboard The Pirate‘s ship for a high seas adventure! This swashbuckling film, starring Son Ye Jin and Kim Nam Gil, follows pirates and bandits as they compete to see who can successfully hunt a gray whale first in order to retrieve a royal seal from its belly.


7. My Sassy Girl

No date night list would be complete without this classic romance film! Cha Tae Hyun plays a college student who gets entangled with a wild and impulsive woman, Jun Ji-hyun, whose only mission in life seems to be to humiliate him!


8. Architecture 101

This romantic film stars Uhm Tae Woong, Han Ga In, Lee Je Hoon, and Bae Suzy and will make you remember what it felt like to first fall in love. In this film, two students meet in an introductory architecture class, fall in love, then meet again fifteen years later. Han Ga In’s character tracks Uhm Tae Woong’s down to ask him to help her build her dream home.


9. Werewolf Boy

Paranormal romance lovers will fall in love with this bitter-sweet romance between a girl, played by Park Bo Young, and a feral boy, played by Song Joong Ki.


10. A Moment to Remember 

Get your tissues ready for this heart-breaking romance! Son Ye Jin plays a fashion designer who falls in love with a construction worker (Jung Woo Sung). Their romance turns tragic when she gets diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.


11. A Millionaire’s First Love

This romantic classic tells the story of Kang Jae Kyung (played by Hyun Bin), an obnoxious and rich city guy who transfers to a countryside school. There he meets Choi Eun Hwan (Lee Yeon Hee), a girl unlike any he’s ever known.


12. Mood of the Day

If you’re a sucker for playboys, chance encounters, and opposites-attract romances, this is the movie for you! Moon Chae Won and Yoo Yeon Seok co-star in this romantic movie about two strangers who meet on a train. Yoo Yeon Seok’s character is a total womanizer, who makes it his mission to woo Moon Chae Won’s much more conservative character.


13. Train to Busan

Nothing says ‘romance’ like zombies, right? In this action-thriller, Gong Yoo plays a divorcee workaholic who becomes trapped with his estranged daughter, and other passengers, on a train that’s speeding through a zombie outbreak.


14. Always

This mushy Han Hyo Joo movie will definitely tug at your heartstrings! She plays a blind woman who falls in love with So Ji Sub‘s character, a former boxer who is haunted by his own issues.


15. The Swindlers

Had enough of mush? Try this crime-action film starring Hyun Bin, Yoo Ji Tae, Bae Seong-woo, Park Sung Woong, Nana and Ahn Se Ha. In The Swindlers, a group of unlikely allies with different morals and motives works together to trap the world’s best con-man.


16.  Fabricated City

When you’re done with The Swindlers, you and your bae might want to check out this Ji Chang Wook‘s thriller-fantasy about an unemployed gamer whose online friends (a group of gamers and hackers) come to his rescue after he is accused of murder.


17. The Temptation of Wolves

This classic teen romance movie is a popular date night choice! Lee Chung Ah plays a high school girl who finds herself in a love triangle with two of the most popular and most handsome guys (played by Kang Dong Won and Jo Han Sun) at her new school. Who does she end up with?


18. Love Forecast

Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won team up in this warm and funny rom-com about a hopelessly romantic man who always gets dumped and a tough-as-nails weather forecaster. Their love story is as unpredictable as the weather!


19. Hot Young Bloods 

Fans of Park Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk will fall in love with this romantic teen comedy, set in a rural, 1980s town. Park Bo Young plays a tough, teen gang leader who is secretly crushing the biggest playboy in school, played by Lee Jong Suk.


20. My Girlfriend Is An Agent

If you love romantic partner-in-crime comedies like Mr. & Mrs. Smith, you’ll fall for My Girlfriend Is An Agent. Kim Ha Neul plays a veteran secret agent who is dating a rookie international agent, played by Kang Ji Hwan. Like the leads from Mr & Mrs. Smith, the couple fell in love without knowing each other’s secret identity. Things get crazy when all the lies and secrets between them start to build up during their high-stakes mission.