20+ K-Pop Songs From 2009 All New Fans NEED To Know

#13 has a great backstory.

When old K-Pop fans look back at 2009, they remember bop after bop being released. It seems like this was the year all the big hits came out. Many of the songs from this year are now considered their artists’ iconic titles.

Check them out below!


1. Girls’ Generation – Gee

The year started off strong with Girls’ Generation‘s “Gee”. With its immense popularity, the song won an unprecedented 10 wins on music shows.

2. After School – Ah!

After School debuted with a sexy girl crush concept with “Ah!” Their music was heavily influenced by the Pussycat Dolls.


3. U-KISS – I Like You

“I like You” was part of U-KISS‘s Only One album. It showed off their heavy dance pop sound with its melody and lyrics.


4. Super Junior – Sorry, Sorry

“Sorry Sorry” was an immediate hit, becoming Korea’s best-selling K-Pop album of 2009. Besides the catchy chorus and choreography, it became known among fans as the last album featuring members Hangeng and Kibum.

5. 2AM – Confession of a Friend

A year after their debut, 2AM released the ballad song “Confession of a Friend”. It features their strong vocals and emotional voices.


6. 2PM – Again and Again

2PM‘s “Again and Again” was famous for its cool dance and masculine concept. Until today it is known for being their representative song.

7. IU – Boo

Before her hit “Good Day”, IU had a much cuter sound that was emphasized in “Boo”.


8. SHINee – Juliette

“Juliette” was SHINee‘s first release after a seven month hiatus. It topped the Hanteo Chart for three consecutive weeks.


9. Girls’ Generation – Genie

Another huge success, “Genie” showed off Girls’ Generation’s sexy and fun concept. Their dance in heels became a hit, as did their point move with their legs.


10-11. 2NE1 – Fire and I Don’t Care

Girl crush never looked so confident until 2NE1 debuted with their fierce song “Fire”. While this was their official lead single, they also released a music video for “I Don’t Care” which ended up winning “Song of the Year” in the MNET Asian Music Awards.

12-13. KARA – Wanna and Mister

Part of their album Revolution, “Wanna” was a catchy and fresh tune that was reminiscent of their previous single “Pretty Girl.” This may have been the lead single, but it was “Mister” that shot them up to super stardom, notably opening up doors for them in Japan.

14. Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra

“Abracadabra” was a mesmerizing song with a hip dance that seemingly everyone tried. The members chose this concept as they thought the market was already full of cute songs.


15. G-Dragon – Heartbreaker

G-Dragon‘s “Heartbreaker” was a definite hit since its release. It even became the best-selling album by a South Korean solo artist until 2019.

16. 4Minute – Hot Issue

4Minute saw great success since their debut with “Hot Issue”. The album For Muzik also had popular tracks “What a Girl Wants” and “Won’t Give You”.


17. SHINee – Ring Ding Dong

One of SHINee‘s most iconic hits, “Ring Ding Dong” was a catchy song with nonsensical but well-loved lyrics. As their album name pre-empted, 2009, Year Of Us was spot-on.

18. SS501 – Love Like This

SS501‘s “Love Like This” is a feel-good song that was released after Kim Hyun Joong‘s sucess in Boys Over Flowers.


19. After School – Because of You

After School had a more mature comeback with “Because of You”. It showed off their soulful voices and talent.

20. T-ARA – Bo Peep Bo Peep

The cat-hand point move was a popular dance, and the synchronization of the members was commendable. “Bo Peep Bo Peep” was the start of T-ARA‘s unique but memorable songs.

21. IU – Marshmallow

Finally, IU returned to the music scene with the super cute song, “Marshmallow”. It had catchy lyrics that was easily stuck in people’s minds.