20+ Male Idols Born In 2000 That Are Wrecking Us With Their Talents, Charms And Visuals

The babies of 2000 have grown up so well!

We love all our fave idols! They’re all amazingly talented and incredibly good-looking, but these idols born in 2000, who were just babies a few years ago, have grown up so well! Earlier, we took a look at female idols born in 2000, and now, here are 20+ male idols born in the year 2000, and seeing how much they’ve grown will make your heart swell with pride!

1. NCT Dream’s Renjun


2. SF9’s Chani


3. ONEUS’s Xion


4. CIX’s Yonghee


5. NCT Dream’s Haechan


6. ASTRO’s Sanha


7. NCT Dream’s Jeno


8. Stray Kids’ Hyunjin


9. The Boyz’ Sunwoo


10. CIX’s Jinyoung


11. VERIVERY’s Yeonho


12. NCT Dream’s Jaemin


13. Stray Kids’ Felix


14. VERIVERY’s Yeongsung


15. Treasure’s Jihoon


16. Golden Child’s Choi Bomin


17. Stray Kids’ Han


18. ATEEZ’s Jongho


19. TXT’s Soobin


20. Stray Kids’ Seungmin


21. The Boyz’ Eric


22. WayV’s Yangyang