10 Male Idols Who Rocked Crop Tops And Took Our Breath Away

They all looked 10/10.

It’s not often we see male K-Pop idols wear crop tops, so when they do it makes a lasting impression. Here are 10 idols who wore crop tops and stunned us with their confident and sexy visuals.

1. San from ATEEZ

San caused a stir among netizens for his photo teasers for ATEEZ’s “불놀이야 (I’m The One)”, catching the attention of both fans and non-fans.

| KQ Entertainment

2. Q from THE BOYZ

Q caught eyes wearing a crop top and technical gear in THE BOYZ’ “BE YOUR OWN KING” brand film, and we have to admit he looked stunning.

| shatsusik/Tumblr

3. Sunwoo from THE BOYZ

Sunwoo also sported a crop top in THE BOYZ’ “BE YOUR OWN KING” brand film, but gave off a completely different vibe from Q.

| sunmiyah/Tumblr 

4. Yeonjun from TXT

We would be lying if we said our jaws didn’t drop when Yeonjun wore a crop top for TXT’s “Blue Hour” promotions. With his long legs and slim waist, he looked like a complete model.

| TXT.bighit/Facebook

5. Moonbin from ASTRO

Moonbin didn’t hold back for his and Sanha’s “Bad Idea” promotions, wearing a bold leather look with a crop top.

| Mnet M Countdown

6. Sanha from ASTRO

To match Moonbin, Sanha also wore a crop top, and the two of them were a powerful duo on stage.

| Mnet M Countdown

7. Hoshi from SEVENTEEN

Hoshi from SEVENTEEN made a statement wearing a cropped denim jacket with denim jeans for GOING Magazine, and we’re here for it.

| @pledis_17/Twitter

8. Taeyong from SuperM

For their “Super One” promotions, Taeyong from SuperM wore a cropped long sleeve jacket, and we can’t get enough of it.

| SM Entertainment

9. Wonho

Wonho wore many pieces that showed off his abs for his “Open Mind” promotions, but one of our favorites is this sleeveless technical vest.

| Naver x Dispatch

10. Taemin

Taemin strikes again in another cropped outfit, this time for his song “IDEA”. His all white outfit gave the dance performance a softer and more sensual vibe with the cropped sweater.

| maybe-obsessed/Tumblr