20+ Male K-Pop Idols Who Have The Softest, Most Slender Jawlines

Who says hard jawlines are the most ideal?

These days it seems like strong, hard jawlines, or “L” lines, get a lot of attention in K-Pop, and it’s really no wonder — they are very attractive! However, there are many male K-Pop idols with softer, more slender jawlines, and they deserve love as well. Here are 20+ male idols that show that slim jawlines can be all the rage too.

1. Renjun (NCT Dream)

2. Taemin (SHINee)

3. Jeonghan (SEVENTEEN)

4. Jaehyun (Golden Child)

5. Sehun (EXO)

6. Seonghwa (ATEEZ)

7. Minhyuk (MONSTA X)

8. Ren (NU’EST)

9. Mino (WINNER)

10. Jimin (BTS)

11. Jungwoo (NCT 127)

12. Wooseok (X1/UP10TION)

13. Jinyoung (CIX)

14. Kang Daniel

15. Jin (BTS)

16. Eunwoo (ASTRO)

17. Baekhyun (EXO)

18. Zico (Block B)

19. N (VIXX)


21. Park Jihoon

22. Ten (WAYV)