20 Moments That Show SHINee And f(x)’s Amber Liu Have The Cutest Friendship

OG friendship goals ❤️

SHINee and f(x) debuted just one year apart from each other under SM Entertainment. Having trained together, the members all grew to be quite close. Amber especially has a unique bond with each member of SHINee. Here are 20 moments that Amber and SHINee showed that they have the cutest friendship.

1. When Amber crashed SHINee’s fansign event

Amber took over SMTOWN‘s page to host a live broadcast of her surprising both fans and SHINee at their autograph event. She stopped and interacted with each member, taking selcas, and asking questions.


2. When Amber cheered for SHINee

No matter the outcome, SHINee is the winner in Amber’s opinion.

3. Minho and Amber’s “Llama Song”

Amber credits Minho as the composer of this cute song, dedicated to her love of llamas. It originated in 2012 and the two have continued to sing it to this day whenever they meet.

4. When Amber tried to take over Key’s live broadcast

Key was trying to do a live broadcast on Instagram when Amber suddenly joined in by leaving a few comments. They teasingly told each other to go to bed.

5. When Taemin and Amber danced together

Who better for a dance teacher than Taemin?

6. Key and Amber’s pet names

Although Key was sick at the time, he still spent time with Amber and we got this sweet moment out of it. 🥺

7. When Amber and Onew chased each other on stage

Not to mention they were dressed as Stitch and Pikachu!

8. When Key almost stripped 😳

In the first episode of Amber’s show Ranting Monkey, Key decided it was too boring and volunteered to make it a lot more interesting.

9. When Minho went to f(x)’s comeback stage

Minho was always around to offer support to their sister group!

| Amber Liu/me2day

10. When Key announced that he was available for rent

Key was really ready to take over Ranting Monkey.

11. Every single time SHINee members stole Amber’s show

Key wasn’t the only one trying to outshine Amber on Ranting Monkey.

12. When Amber surprised Key at his concert

Key held his first solo concert in 2019 and, of course, Amber had to go surprise him!

13. When Jonghyun and Onew supported Amber’s solo debut

In 2015, Amber released her solo EP Beautiful. She was actually the second SM Entertainment artist, after Jonghyun, to have a solo debut.

14. When Key got rejected by Amber

Key was straight-up confessing his love for Amber backstage and she just dissed him. 😐 Couldn’t be me.

15. When SHINee was low-key fighting over who would hug Amber first

Spoiler: Minho won. Sorry, Taemin. Poor Key didn’t even stand a chance. 😔

16. When Key and Amber danced to EXO

It’s impossible to stay still when EXO is performing.

17. When Minho and Amber tried to outdo each other

Minho and Amber shared this adorable interaction on Show Champion when SHINee was promoting “Dream Girl.”

18. When Amber put streamers on Taemin

Amber was just helping Taemin accessorize.

19. Whenever the siblings got together

Amber and Jonghyun were often told they looked a lot alike. They and Super Junior‘s Donghae were called the “SM Dinosaur Siblings” due to their resemblance to not just one another but to dinosaurs.

| @hydrayuge/Twitter

20. When Key congratulated Amber when she left SM Entertainment

Key cheered on Amber’s freedom by leaving a comment on her Instagram post in which she announced her departure from SM Entertainment.