20 Moments That Show Just How Well BTS’s V And Jungkook Get Along

‘Taekook’ forever!

We all know just how amazing the bond between BTS‘s two youngest members V and Jungkook, also known as ‘Taekook’, can be! Even in V’s most recent live stream, he answered the question of whether or not he has ever fought with Jungkook. He told fans that he has never fought with Jungkook and that although they may have gotten in trouble with one another, they have never fought.

Let’s take a look at some adorable ‘taekook’ moments that will have you smiling!

1. Giving each other back hugs

2. Fooling around

3. Hugging while wearing matching outfits

4. Sharing snacks

5. Acting as the host for each other

6. Playing around with the camera

7. Hitting each other with toys

8. Just looking at each other

9. Eating spicy food for his hyung

10. Perfect duo

11. Catching each other on stage

12. Their own handshake

13. Watching something on the phone together

14. Listening to what Tae says to do

15. Cuties x 100000

16. Suited and ready

17. Even walking in sync

18. Trying to complete a heart

19. Two sexy accomplished men

20. We love our maknae line!