20+ Moments Of TWICE’s Chaeyoung Flaunting Her Flawless Visuals

She can pull off any style.

ONCE‘s all know just how beautiful TWICE‘s Chaeyoung is inside and out. She may be a queen of visuals, but we all know what a kind soul she is above anything else. Let’s take a look at her flawless beauty to celebrate TWICE’s comeback this June!

1. Her visuals are not bothered even with a funny hat on

2. Visual queen

3. How can you not fall for Chaeyoung?

4. Sexy, seductive, and sensual…all at once!

5. Looking flawless even in a close-up shot

6. She can pull off any hair style

7. How many female idols do you know that can pull off a look like this?

8. Long hair Chaeyoung=goddess

9. Short-haired Chaeyoung= cool and chic

10. Blonde looks breathtaking on her

11. Even her silly faces look beautiful

12. Cutey-patootey

13. Chaeyoung with short hair hits differently…in a good way

14. She’s like a chameleon, changing from cute to sexy all the time

15. Even this wild outfit and hairstyle looks good on her

16. School-girl Chaeyoung will always be a classic

17. If looks could kill, it would be her side-profile

18. Lovely baby

19. Chaeyoung the angel in white

20. Beauty, talent, and brains

21. All hail our queen!

Who’s excited for TWICE’s comeback next month? We most certainly are!