20 Precious Moments Between TWICE’s Nayeon & Tzuyu That Show How Unbreakable Their Eldest-Maknae Bond Is

#15 is their precious dynamic in a nutshell

Given that they’re 4 years apart in age, TWICE‘s eldest member Nayeon and their maknae Tzuyu sometimes have an unusual dynamic. Of course, that doesn’t stop them from having an unbreakable bond together. You can just feel the love and laughter oozing from these 20 precious pics of “NaTzu” together.

1.  They’re not “shy, shy, shy” about their friendship

2. You can just feel the love through the screen

3. And their tight hugs say it all

4. No matter how big

5. Or how small

6. They’re always there to support each other

7. The world really needs more NaTzu selfies

8. Just look at these receipts, your honor

9. So precious!

10. They’re even prettier than flowers

11. And their twin poses are adorable

12. Take two!

13. They may not have gone to school together, but they’re closer than classmates

14. Sometimes it seems like Nayeon is the maknae here

15. Just look at her

16. These style twins can take on anything together

17. And they’ll always look beautiful while doing it

18. They may tease each other

19. But at their core, they’re always as close as ever

20. “I got you, you got me”