These 20+ Photos of TWICE’s Nayeon And Her Bunny Teeth Will Make You Squeal

Time to show her bunny teeth some love!

For TWICE‘s oldest bunny, Im Nayeon!

1. Nayeon’s little blep

2. Nayeon embracing her inner Mia Thermopolis from “The Princess Diaries”

3. Nayeon showing off a banner from a ONCE

4. Nayeon showing off her cute side in ponytails

5. Flashback to Nayeon during “LIKE OOH-AHH”

6. Nayeon and her bunny teeth at the Golden Disk Awards 2018

7. Nayeon trying to listen in on your secrets!

8. Nayeon’s teaser for “LIKEY”

9. Nayeon confidently cheesing at a fansign

10. Nayeon was all smiles on her way to Music Back last June 29, 2018

11. Nayeon’s bunny teeth making an appearance as the idol gazes at ONCEs during a fansign

12. Nayeon couldn’t help but grin during TWICE’s “Twicetagram” comeback showcase

13. Nayeon interacting with fans from their car

14. Fighting, Nayeon!

15. Throwback to Nayeon’s teaser for TWICE’s Japan debut

16. Nayeon embracing her true bunny form

17. Nayeon showing off a bunny stuffed toy a ONCE gave her

18. Nayeon waving at the ONCEs

19. Getting up close and personal with the camera

20. Nayeon and her best friend, Squirtle

21. Just casually fixing her bangs, no biggie

22. And lastly, Nayeon has blessed us with this quirky selfie!