Here Are 20 Photos That Prove ATEEZ’s Seonghwa Has Peak Visual Goals

He looks so regal and ethereal.

ATEEZ is a group that is full of unofficial visuals. All of the members are incredibly handsome, and perform with amazing energy and charisma on stage! Seonghwa and Yeosang, though, are the official visuals of the group, and this time around is all about appreciating Seonghwa’s amazing looks! With his sharp features and tall, slim figure, he definitely deserves the title that he has. Here are 20 photos proving as much.

1. He makes taking selfies look easy.


Who else would look this flawless taking a care selfie? Plus he makes those frayed plaid accessories look super chic!

2. He knows how to work his lighting.


The shadows cast such interesting lighting on his handsome features!

3. He can rock a more gothic look too.


Seonghwa + chokers = dream come true.

4. He knows how to color coordinate with his background.


He 100% looks like a professional model in this picture.

5. His abs are insane.


“Inception” was such a blessed era to have given us this sight.

6. But his duality is insane??


He can go from sexy-hot to adorable without any difficulty!

7. He looks good even when he doesn’t know his picture is being taken.

Fan-taken images are the real proof that he always somehow looks amazing.

8. He looks so handsome in a military-like uniform.

“Wonderland” era was also full of blessings in terms of Seonghwa visuals! (But what ATEEZ era isn’t?)

9. He can also look nerdy-cute.

When have glasses ever looked this good on someone?

10. His on-stage presence is insane.

He looks nothing short of ethereal in shots like this.

11. It should be illegal to be this cute.

How can he still look so elegant in a fluffy bunny hat??

12. This is truly a mix of cute and intimidating.

Yet somehow he pulls it off. Who wouldn’t mind having a sword drawn on them by someone like Seonghwa?

13. More on-stage Seonghwa appreciation.

“Answer” was also a blessed era, for a multitude of reasons… But mostly this.

14. He’s just so dang pretty.

It’s a struggle for us normal people to look this good even in planned pictures, let alone pictures taken by someone else!

15. He rocks more feminine visuals as well.


This delicate blouse really suits his sharp features somehow.

16. Even drenched in sweat, he’s flawless.

How does his hair, skin, and makeup still look so good after performing so hard??

17. Another example of that…

He seriously looks unreal with how beautiful he is.

18. Another gorgeous glasses-wearing Seonghwa.


That little peek of tongue isn’t helping anyone’s hearts calm down.

19. Does he ever not look perfect??

Something about this outfit/scenery just makes him look even more magical and amazing.

20. Just stan this gorgeous, cute, amazing idol.


You won’t regret it!