These 20+ Photos Prove That ATEEZ’s San Can Pull Off All The Colors Of The Rainbow, And Then Some

Official visual or not, San looks stunning in every color of clothing.

San may not be an official visual of ATEEZ, but his unique visuals and incredible performance skills have easily made him a fan-favorite in the group. His dual personality works well with an assortment of different outfits, and he can easily pull off any color of clothing for any occasion! Here are 20+ photos proving that San is as versatile as his outfits.

1. Red really brings out his intense and fiery visuals

2. Orange is a hard color to pull off, but San does it well!

3. He looks so bright and sunshine-y in bold yellows

4. San may be better known for his green hair, but he wears the color well too!

5. He looks elegant in dark blue, and soft and cute in light blue…

6. And he reminds us that he looks like royalty in rich purples (or adorable in lilac)


7. He proves that pink can absolutely be a masculine color…

8. And San looks like a total angel in white

9. Who says that gray is boring?

10. And lastly, black is classic, but that doesn’t make it at all boring on San