20 Photos That Prove MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Is The Perfect Girlfriend Material

MooMoos all wish they would receive what Moonbyul is holding in #9 and #19.

It doesn’t matter whatever your sexual orientation is: the fact is, if you’re a MooMoo and you’ve already seen MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul‘s charm in action, this means she’s already got you in the palm of her hand.

And so, just in case you needed more reasons to imagine Moonbyul as the best girlfriend material ever, here are 20 photos you can use for your imagination.

You’re welcome.

1. When it’s snowing outside and you need a ride, you know she’ll come and pick you up immediately.

2. After dropping you off, she’ll send you a selca to let you know that she got home safely, too.

3. How about when it’s summer? No problem — she’s ready to go on a “duck boat” date with you.

4. Or if you’re too sick to go out, she’ll video-call you to show your face to your babies.

5. Always worried about getting good photos of you when travelling? Moonbyul’s always there to take a picture of you…

6. …or you’re always there to take candid shots of her, since every part of her is a beautiful art in itself.

7. Even when Moonbyul’s sick in bed, she still video-calls you and tells you not to worry.

8. And since the next day is your birthday, she even went out of the house to buy you a practical gift…

9. …together with your favorite flowers, of course.

10. And even when she’s not extremely familiar with planning trips, she still managed to book flights and hotels so you could both travel together.

11. Even though Moonbyul was a bit cranky since your flight was delayed…

12. …you know that with yummy food in her tummy…

13. …and delicious ice cream on her hand, she’ll regain her energy in no time.

14. Moonbyul’s such a girlfriend material that she insists on giving you multiple presents for your birthday.

15. And every time you decline, she pouts a little and takes your babies for a walk so you have more time to think about it.

16. She loves you so much that even if she is more sports-inclined than you are…

17. …she still lets you win whenever you play games and have arcade dates.

18. In the end, you both win because you get to spend time with each other and eat yummy food, after all.

19. Moonbyul is the type of girlfriend who will give you flowers just because she feels like it.

20. You know she’ll always be proud to declare you as the love of her life.