20+ Photos Of TWICE’s Casual Fashion That’ll Teach You How To Dress

Looking to refresh your wardrobe? TWICE’s stylish members will help you out!

TWICE‘s members always look gorgeous in their stage outfits, but their everyday fashion will makes you want to give your wardrobe a makeover!


1. Tzuyu

Tzuyu’s long, black jacket and jeans are perfect for spring or fall weather. She accessorizes with a low-hanging, leather purse and shiny dress shoes.


For a summer look, try combining a denim mini-skirt with a simple T-shirt and short jacket…


…or, try pairing the skirt with a polka-dotted button-up and sweater.


2. Momo

Like Tzuyu, Momo rocks short jeans! She walks the line between casual and business-casual by combining running shoes with a blazer. Her kitten-buckled purse adds a hint of cuteness to this mature look.


Momo chose the perfect outfit for her return flight from Japan. Her sweater-dress’s wide sleeves are similar to traditional kimono sleeves. The dress is stylish, yet casual enough for everyday wear and looks fantastic with ankle boots!


Momo looks great in soft, muted colors, but she can also pull of pure black. Fans of this color might want to add a long coat like Momo’s to their cold weather collection.


3. Sana

Sana’s loose, off-the-shoulder dress shirt, jeans, and mini-purse would be fantastic additions to any working woman’s wardrobe.


Many people shy away from bright colors and funky patterns, but Sana shows that a bold splash of yellow plaid can be just what you need to dress up a simple turtleneck and jeans. Her black and gold purse tie the whole outfit together.


If yellow plaid isn’t your thing, but you still want to try wearing patterns, try Sana’s striped dress and white, leather jacket…


…or her ruffled, checkered shirt and jeans!


4. Nayeon

For an edgier look, fans might want to try pairing a leather jacket with jeans and comfy, slip-on shoes.


If heels are more your thing, you could try wearing black, pointed ones like Nayeon’s. They match her black jacket and striped shirt and dress up her cut-off, denim skirt.


5. Mina

This is another fabulous look for stylish, working professionals! Mina pairs a near-sleeveless, U-neck, back blouse with a high-waisted, striped skirt and chunky heels.


Her spindly, black pumps don’t look nearly as comfortable as her lower heels, but they do make her long, beige jacket and jeans look elegant!


6. Jihyo

Stylish students might want to add Jihyo’s pink dress shirt, jeans, and black backpack to their school wardrobe…


…but professionals might prefer her patterned jacket and black dress pants. Jihyo’s fashionable Balenciga bag is large enough to hold whatever supplies she may need!


7. Dahyun

Dahyun’s cute, pink plaid dress and flower purse are perfect for spring…


…while her snuggly, blue and white striped sweater, hat, and jeans are a stylish option for cooler days. By rolling up her pant hems, she draws attention to her trendy running shoes.


8. Jeongyeon 

Fans seeking a more unisex look should take pointers from Jeongyeon’s closet. She mixed a baggy, black sweater with a V-neck white shirt and jeans. Her pineapple running shoes add a subtle splash of colour to this monochromatic outfit.


She also rocks a more feminine fall look in this white, leather-trimmed coat, bright red sweater, and jeans. Her studded, black purse and leather trimmings keep this look from becoming too girly though!


9. Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung proves that you don’t have to sacrifice practicality for style. Her velvety blue and red coat is warm yet fashionable and her chic, vinyl boots will prevent slush from dampening her socks!


Although skinny jeans are a go-to for this TWICE fashionista, Chaeyoung also rocks these baggy, beige pants. They look marvelous with her dotted, white button-up, white shoes, and black purse.