20+ Pictures of Hyun Bin Looking Fine AF To Bless Your Timeline

Captain Ri 😍

Hyun Bin is gaining fans far and wide with his latest drama Crash Landing On You. With his gorgeous looks, fit physique, and overflowing charisma, it’s not surprising that he’s so popular.

Here are some photos of Hyun Bin looking fine to put a little bit of good vibes in your day. Check out some of his best looks below!

1. He’s ruggedly handsome

2. He has the best smile

3. Just look at that face

4. Look at that smile!

5. Hyun Bin + Suit = Drop Dead Gorgeous™

6. Captain Ri 😍

7. Crash Landing On You was iconic

8. Is he really 37?

9. Intense expressions match him perfectly

10. He looks rich 

11. Casual suit, top visuals

12. He looks best in a uniform

13. Imagine a dinner date with Hyun Bin?

14. Secret Garden was a gem of an era

15. He’s a gorgeous wanderer

16. So serious, so handsome

17. His smile lights up the room

18. That tux fits him like a glove

19. Total boyfriend material

20. His visuals are so unreal, this press con photo looks Photoshopped

21. What a time to be alive

22. Looking good, Hyun Bin. Looking good.

23. We love you!