The 20 Most Popular Songs In South Korea This April—According To YouTube

So many iconic songs in one list!

As many fans know, YouTube is the main source of K-Pop music videos. However, what some fans may not know, is that YouTube has music charts and insights so the public can see what’s popular around the world!

These songs prove just how beloved they are by gaining millions of views on YouTube from fans from almost every country! In this case, we’ll be diving into the most popular songs South Korea loved throughout April!

20. “MELODY” by ASH ISLAND (3.14M views)

19. “Panorama” by IZ*ONE (3.32M views)

18. “Blueming” by IU (3.38M views)

17. “Q” by Lim Young Woong (3.5M views)

16. “Lovesick Girls” by BLACKPINK (3.68M views)

15. “Hold My Hand” by IU (4.44M views)

14. “On The Ground” by Rosé (4.7M views)

13. “ASAP” by STAYC (5.08M views)

12. “LOVE DAY” by Yang Yoseop and Jung Eunji (5.21M views)

11. “Coin” by IU (5.72M views)

10. “Live” by SG Wannabe (5.78M views)

9. “Siren” by Homies (5.79M views)

8. “Celebrity” by IU (6.63M views)

7. “Dynamite” by BTS (9.07M views)

6. “Partner For Life” by SG Wannabe (9.51M views)

5. “We Ride” by Brave Girls (9.54M views)

4. “My Starry Love” by Lim Young Woong (11.4M views)

3. “Peaches” by Justin Bieber feat. Daniel Caeser and Giveon (11.5M views)

2. “LILAC” by IU (12.8M views)

1. “Rollin'” by Brave Girls (14.3M views)

“Rollin'” stays strong at the top as Brave Girls surges back to popularity!

Source: YouTube