20 Real Tweets From Fans Whose Lives Were Changed By BTS

What has BTS inspired you to do?

Over the past five years, BTS‘s music and personal journies have encouraged fans to live their own lives to the fullest. Many ARMYs have credited BTS with inspiring them to follow their dreams and passions, and to persevere through every obstacle that stands between them and the person they were meant to be.


1. “BTS inspired me to move across country and pursue an art career.”


2. “I had a lot of self doubt and self comparison until BTS inspired me to work harder.”


3. “BTS inspired me to continue doing what I love regardless of the obstacles & hate.”


4. “BTS inspired me to worked hard on school!”


5. “BTS inspired me to try calligraphy again.”


6. “BTS taught me to be more open which now helped me from getting friends.”


7. Each member taught this fan a lesson.


8. “BTS inspired me to join a UNICEF club…”


9. “BTS inspired me to draw again after two years.”


10. “BTS inspired me to keep going.”


11. “I’m planning to produce dresses that BTS inspired me to design.”


12. “BTS inspired me to teach myself Korean.”


13. “BTS inspired me to join [badminton] again.”


14. “BTS inspired me to start singing…”


15. “BTS inspired me to find my purpose and persevere through the obstacles in my life.”


16. “BTS inspired me to fight depression.”


17. “BTS inspired me to accept myself for who I am and be more confident.”


18. “BTS inspired me to do music.”


19. “BTS inspired me to work with passion and drive.”


20. “BTS inspired me to love myself.”