Here Are 20+ Senior and Rookie K-Pop Artists Alike Praising ATEEZ

Everyone loves the monster rookie group!

With just under a year and a half since their debut, ATEEZ is still very much a rookie group. However, due to their incredible skills, high intensity, and amazing on-stage charisma, they’ve made tons of fans very quickly – and idols aren’t immune to their charms! Here are 20+ different idols and idol groups that have spoken their praise about ATEEZ.

1. Eric Nam

Eric has said that he feels like ATEEZ really stands out among other rookie groups, and has praised their skills.

If you’re competing against so many groups, you really have to stand out. Be it visually, be it sonically, be it performance-wise, be it personality-wise. It doesn’t matter, but you have to stand out and this is why I’m saying I think ATEEZ has a very bright future ahead. I was on Youtube, I ran into ATEEZ and I was like, ‘Oh! This is different! There is something different about this group. I can’t put my finger on it but they are not doing what everybody else is doing. And that is what I think will set ATEEZ apart.

— Eric Nam

2. LE (EXID)

The past EXID member has chosen ATEEZ as her favorite rookie group, and said they were very talented after watching their performance!

3. Yunho (TVXQ)

TVXQ’s Yunho is ATEEZ’s Yunho‘s role model, and when they were able to meet on M!Countdown, the senior idol said he already knew a lot about the rookie!

4. Daehyun (B.A.P.)

Daehyun has said that ATEEZ actually reminds him somewhat of B.A.P., and that they caught his attention because they’re so cool.

5. Taeyong (NCT)

Taeyong has said before that he really enjoys ATEEZ’s songs. And the love between the groups is mutual!

6. Siyeon and SuA (Dreamcatcher)

Siyeon said that ATEEZ is her favorite boy group, and SuA said that all of Dreamcatcher went to one of their concerts and highly praised their performance!

Their performance is so good and they are so cool. I really like their songs. There are songs that really my style too, really good.

— SuA


All of the members of ONEUS have spoken about being fans of ATEEZ. They praised their abilities after watching them perform, and especially seem to like “Wave”, especially Keonhee, who likes the “hakuna matata yo” part of the song . Plus, the two groups are friends!

8.  Inseong (SF9)

Inseong has praised ATEEZ’s performance abilities! This also happened at one point:

9. Donghun and Byeongkwan (A.C.E.)

Donghun sang ATEEZ songs during a live stream once and said that they’re really great, and Byeongkwan said called ATEEZ the leading group of K-Pop’s next generation.

10. BM (KARD)

BM says he’s watched ATEEZ’s videos a lot, and has even named rapper Mingi as his bias.

Say my name, say my name… I like rappers with low tone. Mingi is his name. I don’t know him personally. I’ve never met them before. I’ve seen their videos many times and listen to their music a lot. I like his voice a lot, I like him. I like all of them, though. There is no member who doesn’t have… Every one of them really stands out. Every one of them have their own charms.

— BM

11. U-Kwon (Block B)

U-Kwon has said that ATEEZ is a really talented group that also has great visuals.

12. Lee Jaejin and Jang Suwon (SECHSKIES)

These senior idols complimented ATEEZ’s intense performances and impressive dance skills, as well as their singing abilities.

13. Changjo (TEEN TOP)

Changjo is definitely a big ATEEZ fan – he went to see their performance in Seoul and congratulated them on their first win, as well as praised Jongho‘s abilities and shared “Answer” on his Instagram story.

14. Park Jimin (15&)

Jimin is apparently obsessed with ATEEZ’s song “HALA HALA”, which she listens to regularly!

I drive a lot these days and I feel happy when I listen to songs in my car. I listen to ATEEZ’s ‘HALA HALA’. When I feel sleepy I listen to this song. I like it so much.

— Park Jimin

15. Hohyeon and Jisung (TRCNG)

Hohyeon was asked during a live stream if he liked ATEEZ, and confirmed that he thinks he’s an ATINY. Jisung said that he’s been to one of their concerts with his friends and thought that they were really cool.

16. Z-Boys

This fellow rookie group was able to meet ATEEZ in their waiting room once, and had nothing but praise for them!

We are really excited. We saw your performance. It was really amazing. We can feel the energy… So powerful!

— Z-Boys

17. Seungyong (N.CUS)

Seungyong has said that he loves the group, and that Hongjoong is actually his role model!

18. Kookheon and Yuvin (B.O.Y.)

Both of these members have said that they fell in love with ATEEZ’s performance abilities.

19. Jinghyu (Aweek)

Another rookie that looks up to Hongjoong, Jinghyu is a huge ATINY himself.

Along with all of these outspoken idols, reporter Yoo Jihoon also once spoke about how idols flock to watch ATEEZ’s performances during music shows.

What is interesting about them recently is that when ATEEZ performs at music shows — there’s a monitor in the middle of the waiting room, right? When ATEEZ performs, other idols come out and go to watch their performance. They all gather together. It shows how even among other idols, they think highly and looked up to ATEEZ’s level of stage completion.

— Yoo Jihoon

It turns out that not just regular people can love and appreciate what amazing performers ATEEZ members are!