20 Things That You’ll Understand Only If You’re Dating A K-Pop Fan

So very true.

1. K-Pop fans have their own language that’s unintelligible to anyone else

Source: @bluesugercube


2. When all you want to do is sleep, but your girlfriend does is watch the reruns of Bangtan TV


3. When you can definitely tell the difference between Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese


4. The moment you realize you may never be able to listen to a non-K-Pop song in the car again.


5. Unless it’s Camila Cabello’s “Havana”… but only after BTS’s RM said it was hip


6. You find yourself humming Red Velvet’s latest single even though you have no idea what it is


7. There’s a very real possibility you might get stood up for an impromptu live broadcast from their bias


8. You hosted a house party and the entire playlist was secretly filled with K-Pop


9. Your partner already has baby names picked out: Yeri or Wendy if it’s a girl; Jimin or Jungkook if it’s a boy


10. “Sugar” is always written without the “r”. Always.


11. English songs by western artists? More like English songs covered by K-Pop artists!


12. Korea is the only country you’ll ever visit on vacation


13. Words like “bias” and “stan” have taken on an entirely new meaning


14. Friday has been renamed “Music Bank day”


15. You get to eat some pretty amazing Korean food because your partner watches JTBC’s Please Take Care of my Refrigerator religiously


16. Her favorite idol gets an international parcel for their birthday, but she forgot when yours even was


17. When the subtitles for MBC Every1’s Weekly Idol are not up yet… Run.


18. He’s always broke because he needs 7 of each of TWICE’s albums for the unique covers and photo booklets


19. Korean is your house’s second language


20. Finger hearts or the V sign make an appearance in EVERY photo

Source: @freeman_kpop