20+ Times ATEEZ Couldn’t Resist Letting Their Intrusive Thoughts Win

ATEEZ: 0, Intrusive Thoughts: ∞

Sometimes you have a thought that you just cannot contain and it leads to you doing something that might be a little “weird.” This happens to everyone, especially ATEEZ, who often end up doing strange things after letting their seemingly random thoughts win.

Here are 20+ times they gave into their intrusive thoughts!

1. It’s always better to try things with friends.

2. Their intrusive thoughts often involve biting things.

3. Also biting other people.

4. Seriously, so much biting.

5. Wooyoung doesn’t fight the thoughts.

6. Jongho, what are you doing?

7. You can see him fighting it.

Jongho ultimately loses against this thought.

8. We get this one completely.

We too want to pick up Hongjoong.

9. Glasses are not safe in their presence.

10. They really can’t resist spanking each other.

11. ATEEZ Vs Shoes

12. What is actually going on here?