20 Times ATEEZ’s Wooyoung Proved He’s The Biggest BTS Fanboy

“In my blood. In my left hand. The blood of ARMY runs! BTS’s DNA.”

With his amazing talent and incredible visuals, ATEEZ’s Wooyoung seems unreal to many of us. While he may be unbelievably perfect, he’s completely relatable when he turns into an absolute fanboy for BTS! Wooyoung has expressed his love for BTS several times and especially looks up to Jimin!

Here are 20 times Wooyoung proved his ARMY status!

1. When he got too excited for Jimin’s birthday

During an episode of School Road, Wooyoung energetically announced how Jimin’s birthday. Following Wooyoung’s statement, his fellow member San asked, “Wooyoung, when is my birthday?” Hilariously, Wooyoung answered with the incorrect date. The members of ATEEZ couldn’t help but laugh at this funny situation.

2. He is ATEEZ’s official ARMY!

During a fun game, the members of ATEEZ were given a short second of a random song and they had to guess what song it was. When BTS’s “Boy With Luv” came on, Wooyoung immediately recognized it! Before he shared the answer, Wooyoung shouted, “I’m the official ARMY of ATEEZ!

3. Blood of ARMY runs through his veins

Wooyoung is literally too relatable! He once claimed that ARMY blood runs through his body and we can all relate to that: “In my blood. In my left hand. The blood of ARMY runs! BTS’s DNA.

4. Obsessing over Jimin’s DNA era

On the topic of BTS’s “DNA,” Wooyoung commented, “Jimin sunbaemin’s blonde hair. So awesome!

5. When he was supposed to say “SEVENTEEN sunbaenim”

During a game, Seonghwa was tasked with reading song titles by other K-Pop groups and Wooyoung had to guess them all correctly. As a hint, Seonghwa shared the song was by their “Favorite sunbaenims.” Seonghwa anticipated Wooyoung to answer with “SEVENTEEN sunbaenim” but his inner ARMY made him answer “BTS sunbaenim!

6. J-Hope’s “Chicken Noodle Soup” is Wooyoung’s Jam

During a video fan meeting, Wooyoung couldn’t help but jam along with the lucky fan to J-Hope and Becky G’s hit collab “Chicken Noodle Soup.”

7. He was happy to see a fan’s Jungkook poster!

With his sharp ARMY eyes, Wooyoung noticed Jungkook’s poster hanging in a fans room during a video call fan meet. When asked to see it, the fan pointed the camera at it and Wooyoung’s reaction was precious!

8. He wanted to “leave” his members for BTS’s concert

During an episode, Wooyoung reminded everyone of BTS’s “LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF” concert was the next day. He knew all the details of the location, time, and date! He even wanted to leave the episode recording to go to BTS’s concerts. Wooyoung is absolutely adorable!

9. Wooyoung was on fire dancing to BTS’s “Fire”

Wooyoung went all out when dancing to BTS’s “Fire.” 

10. Wooyoung isn’t the only ARMY

Of course, Wooyoung isn’t the only member of ATEEZ who is a huge ARMY, the whole team is! During BTS’s 2019 MAMA performance, Wooyoung and San couldn’t contain their reactions and adorably fanboyed over BTS!

11. Let’s never forget this moment because it is the cutest thing in the world!

Wooyoung was once in close proximity of his role model Jimin and his reaction was priceless!


12. Wooyoung and San have no “Fake Love” for BTS

Wooyoung and San once covered BTS’s “Fake Love” and they absolutely crushed it!

13. ATEEZ did an unforgettable performance of BTS’s “I NEED U”

ATEEZ did an amazing cover performance of BTS’s “I NEED U” and Wooyoung perfectly executed Jimin’s body role part!

14. The smile he gets while dancing to BTS’s songs

Wooyoung couldn’t hide his smile while dancing to BTS’s “ON.”

15. Wooyoung always crushes Jimin’s parts!

Jimin was probably proud to see Wooyoung sing his “Boy With Luv” part so well.

16. It looks like Wooyoung has Jimin’s approval

During ATEEZ’s special MAMA performance of BTS’s “Blood Sweat & Tears,” BTS’s looked proud and flattered!

17. Wooyoung Fanboying over Jimin sitting near him at the 2019 MAMAs

Wooyoung’s reaction to Jimin sitting next to him at the 2019 MAMAs is the cutest thing ever! You can hear the excitement in his voice as he squealed, “At MAMA, Jimin sunbaenim sat right next to me!

18. ATINYs know how to make him happy!

Even as gifts, fans bring Wooyoung BTS merch! He truly is a lucky ARMY!

19. Jimin’s ultimate fanboy

Wooyoung pulled off a similar jacket to the iconic rainbow one Jimin’s wore in “DNA.”

20. His famous squeal!

Wooyoung once squealed “Jimin sunbaenim” in the cutest voice right before making an acrostic poem about BTS.