20 Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie Posted Mirror Selfies Proving She’s The Fairest Of Us All

Mirror mirror on the wall…

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is a visual princess and selfie queen. Some of her simplest yet most beautiful photos are when she takes mirror selfies. Not only does it show off her outfit for the day, but her looks are also somehow amplified.

Check out some of her best mirror selfies below!

1. When she first showed off her Kuma popsocket

2. When she shared a bathroom selfie

3. When she pouted cutely

4. When it was her “swag” mood that day

5. When she was out with friends

6. When she enjoyed her social time

7. When she gave a close-up of her “Solo” outfit

8. When she took a photo with Kuma

9. When she wore a little black camisole

10. When she expressed her love for Kuma

11. When she was comfy from head to toe

12. When she was matchy with her phone

13. When Lisa took over the selfie duties

14. When a pink room with a BLACKPINK framed photo was her aesthetic

15. When she showed off her goodies

16. When she looked hot AF in this dress

17. When she posted a photo for her GENTLE MONSTER collab

18. When black and white was her favorite filter

19. When she was proud of her bomb outfit

20. And lastly, when she proved that she’s the queen of mirror selfies

As the Snow White story goes, Jennie’s the fairest of us all.