20+ Times BLACKPINK Looked Like Perfect Girlfriends

They’re gorgeous.

The season of love has reached a peak this February 14! For many fans, their ultimate loves are their K-Pop idols. Among the many girl and boy groups in the industry, BLACKPINK constantly lives up to this fan love, looking like the perfect girlfriends.

To celebrate, here are some photos of BLACKPINK serving the ultimate girlfriend visuals!

1. Fooling around at the bookstore

2. Watching you at the beach

3. Being cute in the “Ragnarok” commercial

4. Grinning in the airplane

5. Having tea with you

6. Sitting beside you comfortably

7. Giving you a Polaroid

8. Having breakfast in a cafe

9. Waking up fresh and bubbly

10. Taking a break from the heat

11. Visiting a favorite childhood spot

12. Posing while sightseeing

13. Chilling with snacks

14. Walking in a windy day

15. Teaching you how to play guitar

16. Keeping warm from the cold

17. Laughing at something you said

18. Taking pictures in the middle of the street

19. Poking her cheeks

20. Doing the best aegyo 

21. Sending a selca before bed

22. Cooking just for you

23. And finally, having a special date night, Coachella style!