20 Times BLACKPINK Looked Like Our Ultimate School Crushes In Glasses

Did you have a crush that looked like them?

BLACKPINK can pull off a variety of looks. From high fashion to cute, they got their style down pat. One of their lesser known looks is when they wear glasses and remind everyone of their ultimate crushes when they were students.

It frames their faces perfectly and gives them a more relatable, homey vibe. Check out some examples below!

1. Glasses make them look even cuter

2. But Jennie’s still part of the cool girls

3. Gorgeous even after a night of studying

4. Imagine Rosé reaching out for you

5. It’s the French girl style at its peak

6. That wink though 😉

7. Jisoo’s as fresh as flowers

8. They’re so homey, so sweet

9. Glasses frame Lisa’s face perfectly

10. It adds to the appeal

11. It can make a person even more attractive

12. Don’t you agree?

13. They’re seriously so pretty

14. Jisoo loves her glasses look

15. The style matches Rosé any day

16. They can choose more modern pairs too

17. It matches anything they wear

18. It’s a staple airport accessory

19. Glasses complete the entire look

20. They’re the cutest!