20 Times BLACKPINK Shot BLINKs Through The Heart With Their Aegyo

#12 is Jisoo at her best.

Aegyo is a fundamental part of being an idol. Acting cute seems to come more naturally to some singers than others, but they all make fans smile. BLACKPINK is no exception to this. While Jennie and Jisoo make up most of the member’s cute moments, everyone is actually great at it.

Check out some of their best aegyo moments below!

1. When Jennie stole our hearts

2. When Jisoo gave us hearts

3. When Rosé blushed

4. When Jennie held up two peace signs

5. When Lisa had the shyest finger hearts

6. When Jisoo had balloon cheeks

7. When Jennie clapped happily

8. When Lisa hugged Rosé

9. When Jennie looked at someone intently

10. When Jennie made dimples in her face

11. When Rosé put her hands on her cheeks

12. When Jisoo was the eldest-maknae

13. When Lisa was the actual maknae

14. When Jennie shot us with hearts

15. When Rosé was cute like a hamster

16. When Jisoo growled with Charmander

17. When Jisoo and Lisa growled at each other

18. When Rosé did TWICE’s “Cheer Up” point dance

19. When Jennie looked at BLINKs like they were her world

20. And when Lisa did the same thing