20 Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie Showed Off Her Perfect Body Line

Are we sure she’s human?

From her rapping skills to her sassy personality, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is one of the hottest female idols in K-Pop right now. In addition to being incredibly talented, she also has an enviable figure with goddess-like proportions. Here are 20 times Jennie fluttered fans’ hearts with her gorgeous physique!


1. When she wore this sparkling, scarlet corset


2. When she did this sexy spin.


3. When she proved this $2000 USD Balmain dress was made for her.


4. When she did this hip shake.


5. When she got lost in the music.


6. When she did this sexy mic move.


7. When she struck this pose that accentuated her perfect proportions.


8. When she did this seductive roll up.


9. When she looked too beautiful for words in this crop top and plaid skirt.


10. When she wooed fans with this alluring body roll.


11. When she boldly performed on stage dressed in thigh-highs, knee-boots, and a crop-top.


12. When she struck this pose and transformed into an X-Line goddess.


13. When she proved that sassy is the new sexy by doing this move.


14. When she showed everyone why she deserves to be the new face of Sprite.


15. When she infused this choreography with her signature attitude.


16. When she shot through BLINKs’ hearts with this “DDU-DU DDU-DU” pose.


17. When she got low then hip-swayed her way back up to the top.


18. When she showed fans her curvacious side view.


19. When she got up in the sexiest possible way.


20. When she redefined what it means to be “pretty in pink”