20+ Times The BTS Members Looked Way Too Soft & Huggable In Pajamas

They look ready for a sleepover with ARMY.

The BTS members look great from morning to night, including at bedtime. They looked so cute and huggable in these 20+ pajama sets, you’ll find yourself wanting to take a nap with them.

1. RM’s soft plaid pajamas

2. Jin’s red tartan pajamas

3. Suga’s green silk pajamas

4. J-Hope’s pastel pajamas

5. Jimin’s Christmas pajamas

6. V’s maroon pajamas

7. Jungkook’s plaid pajamas

8. RM’s Kakao Friends Ryan pajamas

9. Jin’s teddy bear pajamas

10. Suga’s houndstooth pajamas

11. J-Hope’s stripey blue pajamas

12. Jimin’s blue pajamas

13. V’s black buffalo plaid pajamas

14. Jungkook’s navy blue pajamas

15. RM’s BT21 Koya pajamas

16. Jin’s pink gingham pajamas

17. Suga’s pale gray pajamas

18. J-Hope’s BT21 Mang pajamas

19. Jimin’s white pajamas

20. V’s BT21 Tata pajamas

21. Jungkook’s red & white pajamas