20+ Times BTS’s RM Was Too Handsome For His Own Good

#6 was unintentionally hot.

With his tall height and masculine features, BTS‘s RM is undoubtedly one good looking man. Whether he’s posing for the camera or caught unaware, there’s never a moment when he looks bad!

Read on to see over 20 gifs of RM in all his handsome glory.

1. When he did aegyo

2. When he nodded

3. When he struck a pose

4. When he stared intensely

5. When he giggled

6. When he was drenched in sweat

7. When he looked away

8. When he glanced down

9. When he stared out the window

10. When wore glasses

11. When he walked confidently

12. When he smiled sweetly

13. When he looked dashing

14. When he sent ARMYs his love

15. When he rapped

16. When he rocked a casual outfit

17. When he looked amazing in this hairstyle

18. When he struck a finger heart pose

19. When he had slick back hair

20. When he looked clean AF from head to toe

21. When his dimple showed

22. When he wore a suit