20+ Times BTS’s RM Was Hot As Hell—And Made Us Gasp For Breath

Damn, RM 😳

BTS‘s RM has the ability to completely change his personality when he gets up on stage to perform. From the most gentle boy on earth…

…to a freaking hot man. He could easily set the stage on fire with his presence alone. Here are 22 times RM almost stopped our hearts with his hotness!

1. When he smirked

2. When he gracefully moved his fingers

3. When he posed for the camera

4. When he was covered in sweat

5. When he cocked his head

6. When he touched his lips

7. When he licked his finger

8. When he gave a speech

9. When he slung a jacket over his shoulder

10. When he did a body roll

11. When he intensely looked down at his phone

12. When he walked with confidence

13. When he breathed out

14. When he blew a kiss

15. When his dimple just popped out

16. When he fixed his glasses

17. When he took off his coat

18. When he stared straight at the camera

19. When he pointed with conviction

20. When he bit his finger

21. When he pulled his shirt up

22. When he stood regally on stage