20 Times BTS V Grabbed ARMY And Went In For A Kiss

BTS’s V has this extremely cute habit of kissing his ARMY, and it’s literally heart melting!

Whenever he’s excited he can’t help but kiss his ARMY through the camera.

Whenever he gets the chance, he’ll kiss the camera like he’s kissing his beloved ARMY.

He’ll make sure to give them a big smooch to celebrate BTS’s win together.

When he’s riding a victory high, he just can’t stop kissing his ARMY.

He’ll give you a surprise smooch when you least expect it!

You could almost say he’s an expert in surprises kisses.

He also has flying kisses dedicated for his fans.

Especially during concerts when he sees you rooting for him.

Sending back the love he receives in the sweetest way possible.

Don’t have a heart attack when he goes total-kiss-fest on you!

V’s adorable habit is all ARMY ever needed in life!

“Come closer!”

— V