20 Times K-Pop Idols Accidentally KO-ed Themselves

They threw a couple punches…at themselves!

Idols are all elegance and grace, except when their not. K-Pop idols are just as clumsy as the rest of us and sometimes maybe even more so! These idols had some of the worst luck and their clumsiness definitely got the better of them.


1. MONSTA X I.M’s Santa surprise

I.M was given this fun Santa hat at a fan meeting.


Too bad he didn’t realize it would throw a few punches at him!


2. EXO Baekhyun’s bottle battle

Baekhyun was just having some fun with his water bottle when things got a little out of control and his face took the punishment.


3. BIGBANG G-Dragon’s pan problem

Looks like G-Dragon was really excited about that pan. A little too excited it seems!


4. GFRIEND SinB’s plushie pop

SinB’s cuddly plushie decided it didn’t want to be so cuddly anymore!


5. EXO Chanyeol’s ball rebound

Chanyeol was practicing with a boxing ball when the ball lost all control and decided Chanyeol should try boxing…with his face!


Not daunted by the previous fight, Chanyeol once again tried the boxing ball with a slightly different result.


Maybe third times the charm for Chanyeol? Or not.


6. SEVENTEEN THE8’s fan problems

THE8 just wanted to cool down his face until the fan had another idea!


7. TWICE Sana’s single-person wresting match

It looked like Sana was having a one-on-one wrestling match with herself…and lost!


8. Apink Bomi’s sudden slap

Bomi’s sudden slap left her ear ringing.


9. BTS Jungkook’s mic mischief

Poor Jungkook got the microphone a tiny bit too close to his mouth and accidentally hit his teeth.


10. EXO Xiumin’s slap heard round the world

Even to this day, nobody is sure why Xiumin thought putting his face there would be a good idea.


11. TWICE Sana’s hurt head

Sana might just be the queen of clumsiness! She lost a wrestling match with herself and managed to bump her head backstage.


12. BTS Jimin’s jump rope tumble

Even with the fall, you have to admit Jimin’s jump roping skills were pretty great!


13. Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s fan fail

Taeyeon’s fan decided it needed to see her face up close and personal. It just wanted to experience her beauty!


14. BTS Jimin’s sitting problem

Jimin’s been taken out by his jump roping and his own leg!


15. DIA Eunjin’s spectacular split

Eunjin’s got some spectacular flexibility. Too bad it didn’t work in her favor this time.


16. Apink Naeun’s stairway tumble

Poor Naeun tripped on the steps and took a tumble. Luckily she didn’t get hurt!


17. Super Junior Leeteuk sudden disappearance

Leader Leeteuk had his own special moment…with the floor!


18. EXO Chanyeol’s stage accident

This moment proves you should never mix water, Chanyeol, and heights. Thankfully, he wasn’t hurt because this could have been a lot worse.


19. NCT Taeyong’s camera take down

Just a typical moment with NCT when suddenly Taeyong rear ends the camera!


20. BTS V’s finger flick

V was just happily singing and dancing along to the music when his hand met with a bit of disaster!


Bonus: EXO Chanyeol’s helping hand

Chanyeol had a little help from the maknae this time around.