20+ Times K-Pop Idols Got Smashed In The Nuts

It hurts to watch

1. When BTS’s Jin lost this air hockey match

2. When BTS’s J-Hope won the award for “Best Nut Shot”

3. When GOT7’s Jackson let everyone know that his nads had been smashed

He screamed, “You kicked my balls!”, in English.

4. When Gary learned how not to hula-hoop, twice in a row

5. When NCT’s Jaehyun got punished for minding his own business

6. When INFINITE’s Lee Sungjong tried to avoid hitting his face

The first round of catch didn’t go so well for him, so he asked for a second chance.

That was a mistake.

7. When TVXQ!’s Yunho had some ball-on-ball contact

8. When BTS’s Suga tapped Jimin’s nads

This is why you never disturbed Suga while he is sleeping.

9. When Gary took one for the team

10. When this seemingly harmless paper ball took out EXO’s Suho

Chanyeol couldn’t help teasing him about it!

11. When Wanna One’s Park Jihoon… ouch

12. When NCT played this savage game of soccer

Winwin went down, but most of his team kept on playing without him.

13. When karma kicked NCT’s Jaehyun in the groin.

Seconds after Jaehyun ditched a crippled Winwin, justice was served.

14. When BTS’s Suga crushed Jimin’s crotch with his cranium

15. When Seventeen’s Woozi hit Wonwoo in the goodies, then laughed about it.

His laugh was truly maniacal!

16. When the rival team scored a goal right in Yoo Jae Suk’s crotch

17. This adorable moment when baby Yoogeun playfully attacked his SHINee daddy, Jonghyun.

18. When Lee Kwangsoo blocked a head shot…

19. When then-rookie Yoojung mercilessly smashed her senior Heechul in the nuts with a pillow

Super Junior‘s Heechul left his homefront wide open for attack.

20. When Yoo Jae Suk repeatedly got bashed by a bull

21. When Haha’s hula-hoop act turned into a slapstick comedy routine

HaHa landed on a hula-hoop not once, but twice!

22. When EXO’s Xiumin hit his sunbae where the sun don’t shine

Xiumin got too into his dancing and ended up swinging his hand into Henry (formerly of Super Junior M).

BONUS: When GFRIEND’s SinB got crotch-kicked by Yuju

Girls don’t suffer from crotch shots as often as guys do, but it still happens!