20 Times Red Velvet’s Irene Looked Like Absolute Girlfriend Material And Had You Shook With Her Beauty

She’s total girlfriend material!

Red Velvet‘s Irene is a visual goddess, and even when she’s offstage, she looks like a total beauty! Here are 20+ photos of Irene looking like the absolute perfect girlfriend material!

1. Irene looks gorgeous in this shot!


2. She’s absolutely adorable!


3. Her visuals are breathtaking.


4. She looks like total girlfriend material!


5. She looks too pretty to be real.


6. Who could resist this beauty?!


7. Irene looks good in everything- even in glasses!


8. Imagine Irene as your girlfriend, walking towards you, visuals and all!


9. Irene in a basic white tee and jeans is still top-tier visual girlfriend material.


10. She’s so pretty!


11. Even her casual visuals are super breathtaking!


12. She even kills it in simple turtlenecks!


13. She’s so beautiful, its unreal.


14. No matter what she does, she still manages to look beautiful.


15. She’s super cute!


16. She’s a visual queen!


17. She’s a fluffy, gorgeous girlfriend!


18. Original Visual Irene says “Hi!”


19. She’s too adorable!


20. Irene’s a visual queen, period.

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