20 Times TWICE’s Nayeon Proved Her Visuals In Chokers Are A Superior Concept

Her visuals somehow get even better with chokers!

TWICE‘s Nayeon is a gorgeous, bubbly visual who stands out for her cheery smile and big voice! When fans see her, she’s always beautiful, but something about her in chokers will convince you that it’s a superior concept for Nayeon! Here are 20 times Nayeon wore a choker, and pulled it off ridiculously well!

1. Nayeon in chokers is such a look!


2. She’s a charmer in this choker!


3. Adorable!


4. This ribbon choker is so cute!


5. She’s killin’ it in this pearl choker!


6. This choker is so cute!


7. “Fancy” era Nayeon gave us such a legendary look!


8. This choker is so pretty on her!


9. This diamond choker looks amazing on her!


10. Nayeon in blue is a look we need to see more often!


11. This stage outfit is everything!


12. So pretty!


13. This fancy choker lives up to Nayeon’s stellar visuals!


14. “What Is Love” era Nayeon was iconic!


15. This dainty choker suits her so much!


16. Her visuals in simple outfits is beautiful!


17. She slays hard in simple chokers too!


18. The star detail in this choker is perfect for Nayeon!


19. She’s a whole cutie with this pink choker!


20. Nayeon looks gorgeous in this choker!