20 Times TWICE’s Sana Looked Like The Prettiest Girlfriend And Had Us Soft

She’s absolute girlfriend material!

TWICE‘s Sana is well-known for her gorgeous visuals, as well as her cute and adorable charms! Take a look at 10+ photos of her that prove that Sana’s the absolute perfect girlfriend material!

1. She looks perfectly summer-ready!


2. Imagine being on a date with Sana at a coffee shop!


3. Her visuals are breathtaking.


4. She’s gorgeous!


5. Sana on the beach? Yes please!


6. So pretty!


7. Sana’s hair glinting in the sun makes her look even prettier!


8. She looks like perfect girlfriend-material!


9. She’s so beautiful, its unreal.


10. Adorable!


11. Sana is a top-tier visual!


12. Sleepy smiley Sana is so gorgeous!


13. She’s perfect!


14. Her smile is so pretty!


15. Who could resist her beauty?!


16. Imagine Sana looking at you like that; we’re not sure we’d recover!


17. Sana’s side-profile is so perfect!


18. Sana looks like a perfect girlfriend in these shots!


19. Her smile has us soft.


20. Sana in glasses is superior girlfriend material!