20 Times TWICE’s Tzuyu Floored Fans With Her Incredible Beauty

#8 is unforgettable 😍

At this point in time, Tzuyu is already considered legendary in the K-Pop industry for her visuals. In fact, she often lands a spot as one of the most beautiful women in the world.

In the interest of sharing good vibes, we’ve compiled 20 times Tzuyu shocked us with her beauty. Check them out below!

1. When she grinned

2. When she moved her shoulders

3. When her eyes sparkled as she sang

4. When she gradually looked up

5. When she posed for the camera

6. When she looked at her members

7. When her smile slowly widened

8. When she dressed up as an angel

9. When she raised her arms in the air

10. When she burst out laughing

11. When she sent fans her love

12. When she looked elegant and dainty

13. When she so much as blinked

14. When she frowned

15. When she was surrounded by gems

16. When she wore an off-shoulder dress

17. When her hair was rearranged

18. When she flipped her hair

19. When her eyes were mesmerizing

20. Finally, when she was an angel on earth

With visuals like hers, it’s impossible to look away from her!