20 Tweets About BTS’s Bang Bang Con That Will Have You Wheezing And Feeling Emotional

Did you tune in to watch?

Day 1 of BTS‘s online concert, Bang Bang Con, has come to an end, leaving everyone anticipating day 2! ARMYs have a lot of feelings after watching 12 hours of past concerts of the boys, and many went to Twitter to share their thoughts and emotions after the incredible show. Here are 20 of those tweets.

1. This relatable post

2. This reminder that may or may not stop you from reposting content from the event

3. When Animal Crossing and BTS collided

4. This tweet that will make you laugh before realizing you need sleep

5. It’s alright if you couldn’t make it the full 12 hours though

6. This relatable post for anyone that tuned in to the show

7. This wholesome reminder about what Bang Bang Con means to the fandom

8. This hilarious comparison

9. How all of us looked while partying alone in our rooms

10. When you try to make Bang Bang Con as much of a real concert as possible

11. Everyone after watching the first day of concerts

12. When it was 4 in the morning but you didn’t want to stop streaming

13. This tweet that will make you say “me”

14. That rough multi-stan life

15. The story that you’ll be telling your future generations

16. This post about the 3 different kinds of ARMYs

17. When you remember what you have to look forward to on day 2 of Bang Bang Con

18. This harsh reminder of reality

19. When you return to reality

20. And finally, this beautiful image that shows just how far BTS’s influence has reached