These 20 Unedited Photos Of ATEEZ Show How The Members Look In Real Life

#12 will shock you.

ATINYs know ATEEZ looks flawless, but many photos online are highly edited and sometimes pretty unrealistic. What do the boys actually look like? Here are 20 unedited photos that will make you feel like your up close with the boys and seeing them with your own eyes!

1. Hongjoong

Imagine being this close to Hongjoong, practically walking with him.

2. Jongho

How can he be this adorable?

3. Yeosang

His naturally tanned, spotless skin is god-like!

4. Yunho

How on Earth is he real?

5. San

That jawline cuts right into ATINY’s hearts.

6. Wooyoung

No editing needed for Wooyoung’s natural beauty.

7. Seonghwa

These visuals are unmatched!

8. Mingi

He truly stands out on the red carpet!


This fan is so lucky! Just look at all of their natural visuals!

| @gardenyves/Twitter

10. 9th Member Ronald McDonald

Now a popular ATINY meme, Ronald McDonald joins the boys in a surprisingly unedited photo.

| @bbyhyuka/Twitter

11. Jongho’s Intense Stare

Imagine seeing such a strong stare in real life. Chills!

12. Sexy Yeosang

Yeosang absolutely destroyed fans’ hearts when he was dancing in public.

13. Mingi’s Smile

His smile could truly light up a room.

14. Wooyoung’s Love

Oh, how we wish to be at fan signs right about now!

15. Hongjoong’s Beauty

Imagine seeing this gorgeous Hongjoong walking up to you! Heart attack!

| @KpopQue22908776/Twitter

16. San and His Pet

How is he actually the cutest?

17. Cute Yunho

Yunho gives an everyday feel in this natural hoodie photo!

| @woosanpapi/Twitter

18. Sunlit Seonghwa

Yes, he is that handsome.

| @choimaheart/Twitter

19. Bright Smiles and Laughter

These boys always have fun and look great doing it!

20. City Boys

Just a couple of boys exploring New York City. Nothing but stunning genes here.

| @ATEEZofficial/Twitter