20+ Unedited Photos Of BTS’s V That Prove He’s Perfect As Is

The perfect face doesn’t exi-

We all know that BTS‘s V is a gorgeous human being, but how much of what we see can be attributed to editing? In V’s case, he doesn’t even need editing!

Unsurprisingly, V is equally gorgeous in both photoshopped and non-photoshopped pictures. Yes, it’s true. Check them out below to believe it!

1. When he attended The Fact Music Awards

2. When he looked up

3. When he tilted his head

4. When he crossed his arms

5. When he drank water

6. When he posed with a “rock on” hand sign

7. When he was caught on camera

8. When he relaxed with his hands behind his head

9. When a fan took his picture

10. When he walked the red carpet

11. When he looked mysterious in black

12. When he covered half his face

13. When he sat on stage

14. When he was an adorable and much younger V

15. When he proudly exposed his forehead

16. When he got his hair done

17. When he rocked blue on blue

18. When he modeled

19. When he performed at a concert

20. When he owned bright blue hair

21. When he went from cutie to hottie in one second

22. When he was straight up hot, no doubt about it