Rookie Groups From 2020 You Need To Hear Before The Year Ends

Rookies these days are on another level…

Many K-Pop groups are made every single year, but how many do we hear about? Being a rookie is hard and competing with 50 other groups doesn’t make it easier. We all want every group to be successful but it’s difficult to keep up with an endless amount of content. Here are 16 rookie groups of 2020 that you might have missed and should definitely check out:


CRAVITY is the newest edition to Starship Entertainment. Debuting back in April with 9 members—some being recognizable from Mnet‘s Produce X 101—the boys have already collected quite the fanbase. With their strong style and impeccable dance, there’s no doubt they will continue to grow in popularity.

2. cignature

This 7-member girl group is only the second girl group to come from C9 Entertainment so far… and what an entrance! With their refreshing sound and energetic beat, fans can’t wait for more.

3. WEi

OUI Entertainment has introduced it’s first group! This 6-member boy group shocked everyone with their shining debut from such a small company. Premiering just in October, their immense talent is already showing through.

4. Weeekly

Play M Entertainment has finally debuted it’s first girl group since APink…10 years ago! Their bubbly, fun, but unique style and cartoonish graphics are already gathering a lot of attention.

5. DKB

DKB has been teased by their company, Brave Entertainment, for some time now and fans were very curious about their debut. This versatile group seems to just get better every song!


Another co-ed group as entered the scene from Grace Company Entertainment! Co-ed groups are still a rare find with the only well known one being KARD. Not to mention, the group’s average age is higher than most 4th generation groups—the oldest being 27 and the youngest, 22. Regardless, CHECKMATE has truly made a stand with “DRUM”!

7. BAE173

Completely fresh on the scene, PocketDol Studio‘s BAE173 has debuted mere hours ago and is already causing a splash. With their bright style and stunning visuals, it wouldn’t be surprising if they make it big!


JPlanet Entertainment has launched their first girl group! The 4-member group has impressed fans with a fun but elegant concept back in September.

9. P1Harmony

The much anticipated boy group from FNC Entertainment is here! The boys began in October by debuting in a unique way: a sci-fi film! With seemingly boundless creativity, it will be interesting to see what’s next.

10. Maka Maka

With a catchy and aesthetic debut, BLUEMOON Entertainment‘s Maka Maka has arrived with “Burning Power”. At just 90k views, these girls are criminally underrated and fans want them to get more recognition.


Premiering all the way back in March, MY Entertainment‘s finally came to Korea with their single “Don’t Know”. They had originally debuted in Japan back in August 2018, but have stayed quiet until now. Hopefully they will continue making content for 2021.


This 4-member girl group debuted in August as DK Entertainment‘s second girl group. With beautiful concept photos, these girls brought the excitement to their eventual premiere of “CHITTY CHITTY”. With a unique video and impressive vocals, it will be interesting to see what else they bring to the table.

13. E’LAST

With their sharp moves and enchanting visuals, E Entertainment has introduced E’LAST—an 8 member group consisting of WonHyuk and Wonjun from Mnet’s Produce X 101. Their dark and beautiful style is truly destroying everyone’s hearts!

14. woo!ah!

Through their reality series Trainee Exploratory Life, vlogs, and TikTok (which gained over 16 million views), the NV Entertainment group has been gathering attention since December of 2019. Mixing cute and strong, these girls have made a pretty good impression!

15. 2Z (TuZi)

It’s not often that K-Bands get recognition (the most popular only really consisting of Day6, CNBLUE, N.Flying, and The Rose), but GOGO2020‘s 2Z is definitely standing strong. Hopefully they can join the ranks and bring K-Bands to popularity again.

16. OTC (Off The Cuff)

People just couldn’t help but notice Purple Entertainment‘s group’s vintage concept with a fresh style! Many knew them from their busking days, but it looks like they’re ready to make it big!

There were still so many that we couldn’t include (as we tried to include the lesser-known), but hopefully this will entice you to keep an eye out for promising rookies. That includes the few that have left to debut this year! Look out for ENHYPEN, PURPLE KISS, and T1419!

Who’s your favorite rookie group of 2020?

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