It’s 2020, So It’s Time To Make A New List Of The 30+ Sexiest Music Videos In K-Pop

Some are old, and some are new, but all are super sexy

Some sexy, iconic K-Pop songs will never get old, and some newer sexy K-Pop songs deserve more attention. Some of the songs on this list you might have seen on sexy K-Pop song lists before, but some might be new ones that haven’t gotten as much recognition! They all deserve some attention, so here are 30+ of the sexiest K-Pop music videos in the industry.

1. “Ah Yah So Nice” by ZSUN (ft. Nari)

2. “Miniskirt” by AOA

3. “Touch My Body” by SISTAR

4. “Chocolate Cream” by LAYSHA

5. “Dr. Feel Good” by RANIA

6. “Touch” by Sori

7. “Roll Deep” by HyunA (ft. Ilhoon)

8. “Wiggle Wiggle” by HELLOVENUS

9. “Dally” by Hyolyn

10. “Cha Cha” by Rainbow Blaxx

11. “Move” by 4L

12. “Lip & Hip” by HyunA

13. “Alone” by SISTAR

14. “Paradise Lost” by GAIN

15. “Pink Label” by LAYSHA

16. “Memories” by GIRL CRUSH

17. “Vibrato” by Stellar

18. “You’re Pitiful” by FIESTAR

19. “Poison” by SECRET

20. “Touch” by ANDA

21. “Confused” by AOA

22. “Into You” by Jun Hyoseong

23. “A” by Rainbow

24. “Nice Body” by Hyomin

25. “First Love” by After School

26. “Joker” by DALSHABET

27. “Down” by Jessi

28. “Sting” by Stellar

29. “One More” by FIESTAR

30. “Fantasy” by Fei

31. “Mommae” by Jay Park

32. “Sunset” by KNK

33. “Sketch” by Hyomin

34. “Obsession” by EXO

35. “DDD” by EXID

36. “Baby Don’t Stop” by NCT U

37. “Body” by Mino